Thursday, January 29, 2009

Using Smoked Food in Recipes

Tired of the same old meal? Try using smoked food in recipes! Imagine sitting down to dinner and having a delicious smell waft through the air. More importantly, imagine the succulent taste of that delicious meal! If you are wondering how you can spice up your next meal by using smoked food in recipes, read on….

Using smoke food in recipes will add exceptional flavor to your ordinary dish. The unique blend of natural wood smoke, seasonings and brines compliment fish, fowl, or meat. You can use smoked food in recipes as appetizers or entrees. Either way, you will enjoy a more savory version of many meats.

Smoked fish, especially trout or salmon is very flavorful and moist. There is a variety of smoked fish to suit everyone’s taste. Try something like hickory smoked or lemon peppered smoke trout and experience the flavor and tenderness this fish has to offer. You may also want to try the buttery and moist taste of Chilean sea bass or naturally sweet and tender diver scallops. To really enjoy smoked food in recipes, serve the ultimate smoked trout you and your guests will ever try, the natural smoked Tasmanian trout! If fowl is more your style, try juicy boneless duck breast or chicken in your next recipe. Serve it along with long grain wild rice and fresh green bean accompaniments for a complete meal. Pheasant, the king of all game birds, will be sure to impress your guests, as this plump, moist and meaty bird is truly a meal fit for a king!

For the true meat eater, you may want to start off with a mouth watering serving of smoked pork tenderloin, boneless port loin or pork ribs smoked to the peak of flavor. Add a twist to your next meal by serving a tantalizing gourmet feast when you use smoked food in recipes. You can serve smoked food in salads, on crackers, or as a main course and be pleasantly surprised at the unique taste and flavor these smoked foods have to offer.

These exceptional smoked foods can be ordered from a variety of websites on the internet. An exceptional line of smoked foods is offered by Sugartown Smoked Specialties. You can view their products and wonderful recipes at Surprise your family or guests and spice up your next meal by using smoked food in your recipe. By Nancy

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