Sunday, January 25, 2009

South Beach Diet Plan

The south beach diet is a diet plan that was started by cardiologist from Miami, Florida area called Arthur Agaston. It emphasizes the consumption of “good carbohydrates” and “good fats”. He developed it mostly for cardiac patients basing it upon study of scientific dieting research.

Excess consumption of “bad carbohydrates” creates an insulin resistance syndrome an impairment of the hormone insulin’s ability to process sugar/fat properly. It is believed that “bad fats” contribute to an increase in cardiovascular disease. These conditions can be prevented by consumption of good fats and carbohydrates as the south beach diet suggests.

The diet has three stages. In all stages the recommendation is to minimize bad fats and carbohydrates. During stage 1 food such as dairy, sugar, candy, bread, potatoes, and grains are avoided and hence the body starts to lose its insulin resistance, and begins to use excess body fats. In this stage normal size helping of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and nuts are eaten avoiding alcohol. By this the dieter loses weight, changes body chemistry, and ends cravings for sugar and starches.

Two weeks later stage 2 begins. Whole grains foods, fruits and diary products are gradually returned to the diet, although in smaller amounts than were likely eaten before beginning the diet, and with a continued emphasis on foods with low gylcemic index. Sweet potatoes and red wine are now permissible but at moderate amounts.

After the desired weight is obtained, the diet calls to move into Stage 3, a maintenance stage. In Stage III the diet expands to include three servings of whole grains and three servings of fruit a day. The south beach diet doesn’t require counting of calories or limiting servings like the other dieting programs, the only thing is to eat smart and you would definitely lose weight without any complications. By Peter Gitundu

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