Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creamy sauce that can be thickened

Sauce is the ultimate ambassador and has led to many fun things - friends we may not have met otherwise, getting to know some of our favorite bands and musicians, meeting a talented graphic designer (who found a bottle of. In danielle howle's fridge and soon became our label and website designer), and interesting strangers calling and e-mailing about our hot sauce. Palmetto pepper potions began in the south carolina kitchen of mark and julie riffle after a friend had gifted us with a surplus of chile pepper plants. The peppers were eagerly planted all over the yard, along the driveway and among the wildflowers. When the peppers ripened, we experimented with herbs, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables to create a rainbow of vibrant, fresh-tasting sauces. Friends, family, favorite musicians and a surprising number of strangers clamored for more.

In just four years, palmetto pepper potions has earned 12 international awards in the world's top fiery foods competitions. Each flavor has been handcrafted to the music of a favorite band or musician from the southeast. Palmetto pepper potions hot sauces are inspired by the beauty, hospitality and heat of south carolina. Try daily red, larynx lava, molten golden and trenholm venom.
Sauce is a thick, creamy sauce that can be thickened more for use as a gravy or thinned as desired. At first it seems like a basic white sauce with pepper added, but the creaminess and zest sets it apart. The thicker version is used in homestyle cooking in the american south over classic southern dishes while the thinner version can be poured over steaks and pork.

Sauce is a heavy mixture of twangy flavors, " instead of makinga neat sauce using habañeros, they started with a base ofregular tabasco and added stuff. " for tacos, it narrowly beatsout original tabasco just by being hotter, but it's too salty to useall the time. Category:" cumin. Sauce is all natural and low fat. We use no artificial colors or flavors. All natural ingredients: water, tomato paste, soybean oil, wine vinegar, onion, chili pepper, dehydrated garlic, sugar, red pepper, spices, herbs, and dried parsley. "do yourself a favor -- pour on the flavor. Sauce is asian inspired with stuff like soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and a bit of paprika and cayenne. It can be used as a sauce or a marinade for chicken, meats and seafood. Really good. So good that it has won 7 national awards in the fiery foods industry -- including. Best wing sauce, best low carb flavorful wing sauce.

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