Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cooking tips for preparing party recipes

Sometimes you are in a hurry and you dont have time to make party recipes. And maybe you anyways don't feel like eating something hot in the heart of summer. Some quick no-cooking food would be great then. But don't forget to make certain that your party recipe is still healthy!

Salads are a great option for party recipes, and many of them are also very quick to prepare. If many of your ingredients are ready for use - for example canned vegetables or leftover meat - it's easy to prepare a delicious and healthy salad within half an hour. If your salad doesn't include pasta, rice or potatoes, make sure to serve it with bread, preferably whole grain, to include all major food groups into your meal.

Here are three quick and easy salad recipes which all can be done in 30 minutes. All make four servings. Entree salads may have either fried or grilled chicken fingers as well as seafood like fried or grilled shrimp placed on top of it. Fish steak, commonly tuna, salmon or mahi-mahi, can also be placed on top of the salad. Steaks like Sirloin can be sliced, grilled and placed over the entrée salad.

Salad dressings differ across cultures. Traditional salad dressings in Southern Europe are vinaigrettes; while in Russia and Eastern Europe, it is mayonnaise. In Denmark, salad dressings are based on the traditional recipes. Most of the light edible oil is typically used as salad dressing. These dinner recipes would include lots of oil. By Madhavi Porori


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