Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Choose a Good Ice Cream Maker?

"How To Choose A Good Ice Cream Maker?"

Ice cream! Everyone loves it. But sometime when we craved for it at inconvenient times, where do we going to find it? Why not make your favorite ice cream right at home? All you need to know is how to choose a good ice cream maker.
Ice cream makers are available in a wide range of prices from around $50 right up to $500. Some models cost so much because they have a built in freezing compressor. For home users, the lower priced models will be fine. There are two basic types of ice cream maker to choose from. One uses rock salt and ice to cool the ice cream mix, while another ice cream maker has a canister that you put in the freezer to cool the mix. If you are going to making large amount of ice cream, you will want to purchase ice cream maker that uses rock salt and ice, because the canister only makes 1.5 quarts. The electric crank ice cream maker is faster and easier.

You will get better results because the bowl turns at a constant speed.
Once you have choose the ice cream maker that you want, you need to find the right ice cream recipe. There are many varieties available so try a few until you find the perfect one.
Ice cream’s taste will become richer and texture will be smoother if you are able to freeze ice cream faster. Pre mix your ingredients and then pre chill them for at least 5 hours before putting them in the ice cream maker also helps.
You will know your ice cream is done by the look of it. It will look like soft ice cream. Once the canister has been in the freezer for a couple of hours you’ll have a nice looking solid texture ice cream. If you want your ice cream to freeze faster just move it to a metal bowl, cover it foil, and place it in the freezer. It will freeze up in ½ the time used to freeze in a plastic canister.
You can buy pre mixed ice cream packages too. Although they are convenient they do not have the flavor of ice cream made from scratch. You can try both and see which type you prefer. By Tan Wei Loo

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